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Tired of shooting in the dark when it comes to building a successful wedding business?


Let’s turn on the light.

Building a brand in the wedding industry takes massive leaps of faith, a willingness to fight through setbacks and surprises, and the ability to build a supportive network. But—spoiler alert—the work doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve made it to a point where you’re booking couples and your calendar is finally full (go, you!), you then have to figure out how to create a more streamlined, systems-oriented business (so you can continue to make money, and buy back your precious time, all without losing your mind).
Are you exhausted yet?
Whether you’re building a brand-new business and are hearing crickets from couples, or have a jam-packed calendar and just want your sanity back—finding a clear path to the business you’ve always dreamt of doesn’t have to be complicated. We even built a quiz that meets you right where you are and gives you the next steps for your business!

The Abundance Group is here to lift the fog.



What is The Abundance Group?


We are a community and coaching membership exclusively for wedding pros just like you!



Here's what you'll get inside the membership:

Next-Level Ongoing Business Coaching


24 Live Group Coaching Calls (valued at $7,500)

  • Twice-a-month calls taught by Ashley and Dale 
  • Live interaction with other wedding pros in our community who are asking the same questions
  • Replay access to review any time

52 Weekly Teachings (valued at $1,820)

  • Specific to wedding pros and our industry
  • Curated by Ashley, Dale, and our team
  • Sent directly to your inbox

World-Class Education from Experts


Business Foundations Library (valued at $4,985)

  • 5 MEGA courses all in one place
  • 36 in-depth video lessons for all levels of wedding pros
  • 40+ workbooks (and counting!) to put your plans into action

Personalized Fast Track (valued at $2,495)

  • Personalized quiz results to help navigate the Business Foundations Library
  • Find the most relevant course content no matter where you are in your wedding business journey
  • Step-by-step guide that’s available 24/7

Bonus: Preferred Partnership Network


It's like the cherry on top of the membership!

  • We have a vetted directory of over 40 products, tools, and service providers that serve the wedding industry.
  • We want to save you time from getting advice from strangers on Facebook or trying to endlessly search for the "right" tool or hire by providing a list of brands we have personal relationships with (and use ourselves!)
  • Each of our partners also offers an incentive to TAG members to give you tangible savings through discounts, additional offers, upgrades, and more!

Our goal has always been for these savings to cover MORE than the cost of your membership. And it’s become a reality for many of our members. It’s our way of making this membership a total no-brainer for you!

Meet Your Wedding Business Coaches
We understand wedding pros because we’re in the trenches with you!

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Together, we are the dad-daughter duo who grew Ashley’s business into one of the largest wedding planning companies in the country. Not only that, but it is super streamlined and profitable, grossing over $3 million in sales (and counting)—with a team of over 40 women across 8 different locations.

But, like many small business owners, it all started as a self-funded one-woman operation.

I (Ashley) remember what it was like to chase after new leads and work FAR too many hours for what I was earning (if I even remembered to pay myself at all!).

As I faced new obstacles in growing my business, I had an ace in my pocket other wedding pros didn’t have at the time: my dad, who helped me set up my business for success.

(He’s a John Maxwell partner and consults on business strategy with multi-billion dollar corporations, so he clearly knows how to grow and scale!)

With my decade of wedding industry experience and my dad’s business strategies, we founded The Abundance Group to coach and educate wedding pros from a place of abundance.


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Spinning your wheels?


You’re passionate and determined, but you tend to lose sleep over where your next wedding will come from (or if they’ll ghost you after you’ve invested time in them). You need clarity when it comes to the next step you should take to make your business a well-oiled machine. Lucky for you, that’s just what we offer.


Let’s get this thing down to a science.



Imagine if you could...

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raise your profits so you can grow in a sustainable way

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feel like you’re in total control of your wedding business

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work the amount of hours you want for the income you want

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book out your wedding calendar with couples you'd call friends

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resist the need to work every weekend during busy season just to stay afloat

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build a wedding business that orbits around your life rather than the other way around

We're here to help.

Or maybe you are dreaming of something bigger?

You’re crazy busy (look at you go!)—but you feel a bit out of control. You’re ready to earn more money and work less! For you, booking couples isn’t a concern—but scaling the business you’ve built without risking it all is. You need clarity on the number-one step you should take to avoid fizzling out. 


We’re here to help you scale smart.



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