Achieve Goals, Don’t Just Set Them!

Dec 20, 2019

In preparation for helping you have an amazing 2020, we’ve been talking about the power of goal setting all month long. Now we’re going to give you the ‘golden nugget’ regarding the value, or power, of goal setting. It’s creating the plan to achieve your goals.

Simply setting goals, no matter how lofty or how well structured, doesn’t change a thing…if you don’t also have a plan to achieve them. So, let’s give it to you simply and directly. 


When goal setting…

    • Write down your goal (the results or outcome you want to achieve).
    • Put a date on when you want to achieve it.

Identify all the benefits to you of achieving the goal. These will help motivate you in achieving the goal.


  • Identify the obstacles that you’ll need to overcome.
  • Identify the people, groups and/or organizations you need to work with, or get help from, to achieve your goal.
  • Identify what you need to learn to achieve it.
  • Identify any other resources you need to achieve the goal.


  • Take these pieces and put them together into a plan of action to achieve your goal.
  • Make sure this plan has milestones – or ‘progress’ markers – to help you evaluate your progress throughout the year.

Let this plan take whatever form that works for you. Some people create very detailed plans of action and schedule each activity into their calendars. Others are less structured and simply stay focused on overcoming the obstacles. Many people fall in-between, setting a plan of action that includes weekly objectives created in such as manner that as long as they achieve these weekly objectives, they will achieve their full goal for the year.

Whatever type of plan works for you is great. But just understand that you need to have one. Otherwise your goal is simply a fantasy or wish!  Without a plan of action, nothing will change.

So, we encourage you to set your goals, build those action plans to achieve them, and expect absolutely amazing success in 2020!

-Dale & Ashley


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